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We are now eSmart!

We are proud to announce the Shire of Dardanup Library Service has been accredited as an eSmart Library. As one of only a handful of libraries in Western Australia to achieve this status, we provide an increasingly important bridge to the digital divide in our community.

With the convenience of the internet age, it is crucial to be cyber aware and eSmart.  The web is a great place to learn, be creative and stay connected.  But with one in seven young Australians experiencing cyber bullying and other online challenges, it’s important to invest in the skills needed to be responsible digital citizens. As our lives become more and more entwined with the internet, too few of us are aware of the information we leave online, and how many virtual doors we leave open for the cyber-world to see.

The eSmart program is generously funded by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Telstra, and is one of the most significant community cybersafety initiatives undertaken in Australia. It is a framework for building and sustaining digital skills and cybersafety for the community, library users, and library staff.  Working through informative tools and frameworks helped library staff increase their own digital literacy and awareness of cyber safetcybersecurityy, in order to help others to avoid:

  • scams
  • computer fraud
  • invasions of privacy/bullying

Public libraries are the most heavily used community centres in Australia, and more than half the population are public library members.  As an eSmart Library serving a vibrant community, we strive to remain at the forefront of evolving  technologies, equipping library users with the confidence to navigate safely, ethically and legally.

Reporting Online Incidents

If you feel you are a victim of a cyber crime or have a cybersafety issue, the following contacts may be useful.

Online offence Where to report
Cyberbullying Report to local Police 13 14 44
Online fraud Report to local Police 13 14 44
Internet banking fraud Contact your bank for advice on whether to report in person to local Police
Scams (Internet based or email) Report to SCAMwatch – Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Tax-related scams Report to the Australian Taxation Office
Online Child Exploitation Contact Australian Federal Police via the Online child protection form
Spam Report to ACMA
Faulty goods or services purchased online Report to Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Online issues
Useful websites
Cybersafety Information



Are you lost in the new digital age?

According to research by the CSIRO, 1 in 5 Australian adults are not online and don’t have the skills to make the most of increased opportunities in the digital age.

A national program to ensure no one is left behind during today’s fast-moving digital age is being supported by Shire of Dardanup Library Services.

Go Digi is a four-year digital literacy program created via a partnership between Infoxchange and Australia Post with the aim of supporting more than 300,000 Australians to improve their digital skills.

Help is provided on an array of topics like:

  • What is eBay?
  • Using the internet to create and publish work
  • How to choose a device
  • Finding health info online

Shire of Dardanup Library Services is a registered Go Digi Network Partner which means we’re committed to improving digital literacy in our community.

Library users should feel welcome to contact Shire of Dardanup Library Services at any time for assistance with accessing digital services.

In particular, staff can help users access the Go Digi Platform which provides:

  • Easy to read learning materials to build online skills and confidence
  • Access to guides and ability to track personal progress on guide quizzes
  • Online training on how to become a Go Digi Mentor to help friends and family.

To find out more about Go Digi, visit the website or pop into one of our libraries soon.

What’s New

Online Safety Awareness classes have moved to a new time slot!

In celebration of eSmart Week (5-9 September 2016) we have moved our informative and fun Online Safety Awareness workshop to 10:00am Wednesday, 7 September.

How do you identify a scam email? Who tracks your information when you browse the internet?

Learn the best procedures for safe website transactions, avoid internet and email scams and build your cyber-awareness as we help you identify the risks and solutions to your online security.

Attendees of this one hour workshop will learn:

  • The importance of online security and awareness
  • The 3 Golden Rules for safe internet use
  • New skills in using online media and devices
  • The impact and implications of digital media
  • Enhanced digital literacy skills
  • Online browsing techniques

Book now and go online with confidence.

Help us help you.

As we move further into the digital age it is increasingly important that our library services provide relevant and helpful information to you.

You can help us by filling out this quick 5-minute survey.  The information you provide will be used to develop training and information for all of our customers, helping to build digital literacy in the entire community. Your assistance will be appreciated by the community.