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Do you have tsundoku? We do!

Tsundoku, a Japanese word translates roughly to the practice of piling up books you may never read. 

I am in the habit on a monthly basis of reading wonderful reviews of new books that I simply have to purchase, not to mention all my favourite authors bringing out new titles that I also need to purchase.  Hence, combined with life commitments – work, social engagements and home duties some of those must have books are slowly becoming piles of books waiting to be read or tsundoku.

I’ve always believed that a good book will always wait for you – and still do, but a collection of tsundoku can get to a point of ridiculous. This then leads me to dedicate reading time to try and reduce the pile, essentially making a tiny dent before more inevitably creep up on the growing mammoth of “to read books.

Of course there is a solution for some people to the gathering tsundoku – your local public library. It seems like a good idea to establish a list of books, access the library catalogue and order as required for when you can dedicate reading time.  Your local library has the latest and greatest collection of books as we keep up to date on your behalf with the latest new releases, prize winners and much talked about novels.  The other alternative is to consider e-resources in the form of e-books or e-audio books – the same great collection but available right at your fingertips from home.  You can access Shire of Dardanup catalogue from here.

Despite the obvious solution above I must confess to being a collector of books and therefore must possess my necessary titles which inevitably leads to endless tsundoku for me!

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