Novel Conversations

Armchair travel through Novel Conversations

Travel is a great way to learn about the world we live in through sharing of cultural experiences and the people we meet.

Many of us will not have the chance of travel opportunities and cannot contemplate a grand European holiday or Alaskan Wilderness cruise BUT we can all escape from our everyday lives through the gift of travel with books.

Eaton Library have beautiful, big, glossy pictorial books from all around the globe such as The Africa Book taking the reader on a journey through every country in the continent with breathtaking images of wildlife and people.

If you want a journey with a difference try Billy Connolly’s Tracks Across America where Billy introduces you to all types of eccentric characters and quirky places such as the Toilet Seat Museum!

Another way to experience world culture is through biographies, for example A Yorkshire Vet Through the Seasons takes the reader on Julian Norton’s country visits tending to unwell animals but inviting the reader into these people’s lives.

Abu Dhabi Days, Dubai Nights takes the reader to exotic and the conservative world of the Emirate states.  One doesn’t have to travel overseas to experience unique people and cultures, Outback Midwife will take you into the Australian outback to meet hard working people from rural Australia.

Mix up some real stories with fictional reads like Shadows on the Nile, a novel that will send you on a time travel journey back to 1932 as you glide down the Nile in the shadow of the pyramids and the early archaeology of Egyptian history.

Perhaps you would like to journey to India with the novel Sea of Poppies with its rich and emotional narrative set against the backdrop of the Opium Wars.

Wherever your armchair journey in travel takes you, we at Eaton Community Library have the books to take you all around the world on an endless journey of discovery.