Novel Conversation


What does your home library say about you?

I am always curious if I spot a bookcase when walking into someone’s house, hoping to get a glimpse of who their owner is.

I will edge ever so slightly towards the bookshelf and turn the conversation to books in general.

Book shelves reveal much about their owner’s hopes, aspirations, holiday reads, want-to reads, guilty reads and maybe bookclub reads.   As books are easy to dispose of, I assume that those on the shelf are there because they are of some value to the owner.

Whether they are school book prize, gift from a loved one, a memorable read to be revisited or a must read book that received great reviews or won a literary prize.

There is of course the other end of the spectrum of book owner – the bibliophile.  A bibliophile is an avid collector of books, first editions, autographed copies and classic collections.  Their shelf may indeed extend to a whole library.

How do you categorise your books, or do you?  Are they colour coordinated, alphabetically filed or thematically shelved?  Or do you identify with the English diarist Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) who organised his 3000 books from smallest to largest?  Are your books tidy and organised, relaxed or chaotic?

Scan your shelves.  What do YOU think your book shelf says about you?