Meet Toq the Intergalactic Explorer

Hey kids, meet our newest visitor to Eaton Community Library, Toq. 

Toq is an explorer from an unknown planet visiting us all through summer. He has been traveling for millions of years collecting stories from thousands of galaxies around the universe.

The last time he visited Earth there were no people around to help him, only gigantic dinosaurs, but after many intergalactic adventures, Toq is finally back and needs your help to fill his story bag.

Toq wants to collect some great stories from Earth so when you have completed your Summer Reading Log, put it in his story bag so he knows what you have read and listened to before he leaves for another galaxy.

Remember to mark off your progress on his Galactic Map in the library for each of the days you have read. You can also keep track on your own map which comes free with your Summer Reading Challenge Kit, or download a copy here.

If you would like to join the fun of our Summer Reading Challenge, register now. There are some great prizes to be won and A Universe of Stories to be explored.