Zinio eMagazine User Guide

What You Need

  1. An Internet connection via PC, Mac or select mobile devices.
  2. A valid library card.
  3. A valid personal email account.
  4. The free Zinio app available through our website, iTunes App Store or Google Play (this download process is detailed later in this brochure)

How it Works

Step 1: View our catalogue

Step 2: Create your Library Collection user account

  • To begin you will first need to create a user account and then a Zinio account.
  • At the top left of screen click on the link Create New Account
  • Enter your library borrower number (found beneath the barcode on your Shire of Dardanup Library Services borrower card)
  • Follow the prompts to fill out your details and then create a password to secure your account and submit.
  • You will receive a notification email which will contain a confirmation link. Simply click on this ling to authorise your account.
  • You can now log on to the library catalogue by clicking Login at top left and enter your account email and password.

Step 3: Browsing and checkout

  • To search for a magazine by title simply enter it into the Title Search bar and press enter.
  • To search by category you can select the All Genres dropdown and select the relevant topic.
  • Once you have found the title you want to read you can check it out it by clicking on the cover image and then select Checkout.

Step 4: Create your Zinio Personal Reading account

  • You will now be automatically connected to the Zinio web site where as a first time user, you will need to create a second account which is your Zinio Personal Reading account. This is where all magazines you have selected and checked out will be saved.
  • Again, you will need to enter your email address and a password of your choice – we suggest that you use the same password that you used to create your library account.
  • Once your account is created the cover of the magazine you selected will appear. You can read the magazine online simply by clicking on the cover.

Reading your magazine on a tablet or smartphone

You can use Zinio’s mobile app to read your magazines on your iPad or Android device.

Step 1 – Getting the Zinio app

Download the app, Zinio, from one of the following:

Step 2 – Log into your Zinio Personal Reading account

You can now open the Zinio App by clicking on the icon on your tablet’s interface.

  • To access the magazine selection you will just need to login to your Zinio Personal Reading account with the details registered earlier.
  • Once you have logged in you can go to your reading list to view the magazine covers you have selected.
  • Simply click on the magazine cover you want to read and it will automatically begin downloading to your tablet.
  • Once it is loaded you can read your magazine at any time, regardless of whether you are connected to the internet or not.


Unfortunately you cannot currently browse the library catalogue through the Zinio app so you will still need to make your selections through your tablet or phone’s web browser. However, once you have checked out the magazine, it will automatically be added to your reading list and can then be accessed from the Zinio app.

Happy Reading!

You are now signed into your Shire of Dardanup Library services eZine account and can now enjoy reading any of the magazines from our catalogue at your convenience. There is no check out limit and there is no loan period, you can keep your magazines as long as you like.