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Author Visits and National eSmart Week 2017

Tess Woods and Fiona Palmer at Eaton Community Library

This month we have two fantastic West Australian authors visiting Eaton Community Library. On Thursday, 7 September you can meet the award-winning Tess Woods while on Wednesday, 13 September the highly popular Fiona Palmer will be here for a discussion about her many novels.

Why not come along and enjoy the conversation as they discuss the development of their novels, and provide unique insight into life as an author. This will be a fabulous opportunity as these wonderful writers share their experiences and anecdotes about the publishing industry and the process of writing. Please join us!

National eSmart Week (4-8 September) is here again

This will be the first time Shire of Dardanup Library Services will be participating as a fully accredited eSmart Library and to celebrate we will be providing plenty of great eSmart information and available to answer any of your questions about cyber-safety.

The web is a great place to learn, be creative and stay connected.  But with one in seven young Australians experiencing cyber bullying, in addition to many other challenges people face online, it’s important that we invest in the skills needed to be responsible digital citizens.

More and more our lives are becoming digitised: we shop, are entertained, work, and socialise online. We all have some kind of online presence, and thus, we are all digital citizens. How many of us know what that means? What exactly is a ‘digital citizen’?  How many of us understand the consequences? Studies show that while our lives are becoming  more and more entwined with the internet, few of us are aware of the information we leave there, and how many virtual doors are left open for the cyber-world to see.

eSmart Week 2017 is sponsored by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, with the intention of helping others learn about cyber safety, online well-being, and digital inclusion.  Please stop by our libraries to learn more about cyber awareness, and join us for the workshop.

Feel free to bring your digital devices to the Eaton Community Library at any time to learn more about using them safely.