Welcome to eSmart Week 2017

Each day this week we encourage everyone to be smart, safe and responsible when using digital technology.

National eSmart Week aims to create awareness, share solutions and ideas for community education on issues of cyber safety, bullying and wellbeing, both on and offline.

Each day we will be releasing outstanding cyber safety resources for the whole community.


FRIDAY : Smart, Safe and Responsible communities

As National eSmart Week draws to a close today, we continue to highlight the many champions of digital change throughout Australia.

Keeping up with the multitude of social media apps can be confusing and time consuming. But not anymore. For quick guidance on nearly 60 of the most popular apps, take a look at the information provided by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

Games, Apps and Social Networking


THURSDAY : Cyber Buddy Day

Cyber Buddy Day focuses on teaching students the values of caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility.

The concept of a Cyber Buddy aims to create positive behaviour, as well as build students’ self-esteem, connectedness, social skills, trust and sense of community.

In this webinar, Dr Justin Coulson, from Alannah & Madeline Foundation, uses anecdotes and evidence to discuss how our kids can be better buddies by keeping one another safe online.

Tune into the webinar here!


WEDNESDAY : Responsible Use of Technology

We can all be safe online if we take enough care, we can be smart if we keep up with all the new apps and programs, but being responsible requires respect for ourselves and others. 

In this video Child Psychologist and National Centre Against Bullying member, Michael Carr-Gregg discusses what simple steps to take if your child is being cyber bullied. Michael also looks at how schools may tackle this issue, such as recording and responding in a matter of days.


TUESDAY : Safe Use of Technology

We’ve updated our cyber safety Top Ten Tips for 2017

These tips focus on specific actions you can take online to protect yourself and others, and highlight important general attitudes to cyber safety that we should all keep front of mind.


MONDAY : Smart Use of Technology

Information sheets are a great way to get bite sized information.

Click on the images below to download any of these highly popular tip sheets which range from the outstanding ‘My first mobile agreement’, for families with small children to other cyber related resources.