Novel Conversations

Why do we read?

What is it in a book (from your friendly Eaton Community Library of course) that we love so much?

Is it escapism?  Relaxation?  A quest for knowledge?  To provoke an emotion?  The excitement of a mystery?  Something to make you laugh your socks off? Or is it as simple as there is nothing on TV? Maybe it’s a combination, but once the book is finished, there’s that empty feeling.  Back to reality.

Readers will know that the best time to read is anywhere, anytime. In our busy lives we can always steal five minutes here and there. Some find it easy to block the world out on a bus or train and simply read.

Others make it a special treat : Slipping into a bubble bath, glass of wine, just enough light to read, a hint of Enya in the background. Alone at last as you flick through The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, by Kim Edwards. Oh they didn’t! He said what? Oh no, they aren’t going to split up the twins! Reading can challenge us to look beyond our world at the endless possibilities of a storyline.  Anything is possible in a book.

I remember my very first novel, The Bridges of Madison County, by Robert James Waller. The way it was written and the storyline really touched me.  Emotionally, the novel had a huge impact and ignited my passion for reading. It left me wanting for more.

The pleasure of entering the author’s written world, removing us from the structure of our lives, the same old daily routines and habits. The author’s words propel us into a carefully structured plot with characters you may love or despise.  Being totally engrossed in this world the author has created while learning something new about our world and our place in it.

In the end isn’t that why we all read?