Your Library Membership

Become a member of Shire of Dardanup Library Services today!goforanyten

It’s easy, and it’s FREE.

All you need is proof of ID and address.

  • Borrow any 10 items per Adult, Young Adult or Junior membership.
  • Loan period 21 days.
  • Loans can be extended – subject to demand.
  • Access to online resources such as eBooks through Overdrive.
  • Access to free internet, WiFi and computer facilities.

Conditions of Library Use:

1. You are required to:

a) Take responsibility for all the items borrowed on your card;

b) Present your library card or proof of identification to borrow or access library services;

c) Report a lost or stolen library card immediately so that you are not charged for any items that may be borrowed by an unauthorised person;

d) Notify library staff if your address, phone number or other contact details change;

e) Return all loaned items on or before the due date;

f) Pay all charges imposed for damage or loss of library items or membership cards;

g) Pay all charges imposed for administration fee incurred at invoice stage.

2. As a parent or guardian you are required to:

a) Complete the membership form for your child and sign it;

b) Take responsibility for all items borrowed on your children’s cards.

c) Any person attending the Shire of Dardanup libraries must behave in a responsible and considerate manner. Persons behaving in an inappropriate or disorderly manner will be asked to leave the premises.

3. Temporary borrowing restrictions will be applied to any library member who retains library materials excessively past their due date, or seriously misuses the libraries.

4. As a user of our internet or WiFi services, you may not:

a) Engage into activities which contravene the laws of Australia or its states and territories, or of the destination country in the case of data being transmitted abroad;

b) Download or distribute any offensive material;

c) Download and install hardware and software, or modify installed hardware or software on any computers within the Shire of Dardanup Libraries.