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June Calendar 2018!

Can you believe it’s JUNE already?

We have a fantastic calendar sure to blow you away with new and exciting workshops that are NOT to be missed.

Join Lana Brandli from South West Nutrition as she talks you through how to fuel your body with good foods that leave you feeling great and able to live your life to the highest potential.  Also, forget letting all the kids have fun on the trampoline!

This month we have Fi and Dawn from Boogie Bounce Extreme joining us for a fun, active session that is sure to get your heart racing.

And don’t forget about our new Code Club, which aims to give every kid aged 8-15 the chance to learn code and programming using Scratch and Python—all for free!

Don’t forget… all our June Calendar of Activities workshops are FREE but places are limited so BOOK NOW!

Click here to download the June calendar now.


Feature Program

Sustainability in the Home

We’re so excited to be having the team from Eco Warehouse present this workshop for us.

They are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable on how we can all make a difference to sustainability outcomes in our very own homes.

Join them at the Eaton Softball Pavilion for a discussion how to be more sustainable around the home through reducing waste, moving away from petrochemical products and how to save money while doing it.

There will be a demo on how to make your own beeswax wraps, along with natural cleaning spray.

Eco Warehouse are also bringing along some yummy refreshments to enjoy too!

Free event but bookings are ESSENTIAL.

Book online:

Presenter: Eco Warehouse

Novel Conversations

What’s the story with Graphic Novels

Graphic novels appear in bookstores and libraries everywhere, and are often seen as adult picture books.  Some readers may recognize them as comics, which are magazine like in appearance whereas graphic novels and Manga are bound like books and serialized.   In Japan, Manga comics appeared and are distinguished as multiple genres aimed at a wide variety of readers.  Manga is one of the biggest sections of the graphic novel genre to date.

They are easily available electronically and exceedingly popular, so much that the sales of digital versions outnumber the print version.

But where did they begin?  Readers today will be familiar with Tintin (1930) and his many adventures or Asterix the Gaul (1961) with his amusing antics.  In 1978 Marvel Comics produced their first graphic novel, The Silver Surfer by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.   Marvel is now synonymous with graphic novels and they are a sought after source for their movie franchise.   You may be surprised to know one of the earliest graphic novels was from 1842 when Rodolphe Toffler published The Adventures of Obadiha Oldbuck.

The Sandman by Neil Gaiman was launched in 1989 and became such a popular series it was bound into ten collections.  This has been one of the most successful graphic novels to date having a large influence over fantasy and graphic novels published since.

Graphic novels provide an essential resource as a bridging book for young adults with lower literacy levels, enticing the reader with a visual story and minimal text.  So if a student struggles with reading a novel, try a graphic novel instead.  Reading is reading!

Book Talk

Non fiction

Title: An Australian Band of Brothers

By: Mark Johnston

Author: Mark Johnston is one of our best military historians.  Using the frank and detailed personal letters, diaries and memoirs of three Australian soldiers Mark brings to life their campaigns, battles and interactions with their comrades and enemies.  Read real accounts from their enlistment in the dark days of 1940 to the end of World War II.

Junior Non-Fiction

Title: 3D Printing at School Makerspaces

By: Keon Arasteh Boozarjomehri

Young or old, this book will help turn anyone into a 3D printer enthusiast.  It will show you how to get started, make a piece for something you need at home and help you with school projects.


Large Print

Title: Son of an Outlaw-  A Western Story

By: Max Brand

Elizabeth Cornish raises the son of an Outlaw, Terry Colby, with her brother Vance.  Vance is only interested in living life to its fullest and her sister, Elizabeth, has nearly bought Vance’s entire share of the ranch.  Elizabeth informs Vance that on Terry’s 25th Birthday, she will let Terry know that he will become sole heir to the ranch.  Vance is convinced that Elizabeth must remember Terry’s outlaw heritage.  Vance invites a famous lawman to Terry’s 25th Birthday party – the man who shot Jack Hollis, Terry’s father……

CD Audio Reader

Title: Death of a Village – A Hamish Macbeth Murder Mystery

By: M C Beaton

Trouble is obvious in a Scottish fishing village as Constable Macbeth finds the pub empty, the church full and the air permeated with fear.  Macbeth begins to sort out the truth with the help of a journalist.

Goodreads 3.89/5



Non- Fiction

Title: Endometriosis

By: Professor Andrew Horne & Carol Pearson

This book helps you to overcome your symptoms and live a better life.

Endometriosis experts: Professor Andrew Home and Coral Pearson explain what is Endometriosis and provide vital information for women who suffer from this disease. They talk about:

  • How to get a diagnosis
  • What treatment options and care are available
  • How to overcome your symptoms and live a better life
  • The lifestyle changes you can make that could improve your condition

Endometriosis provides the information and support to empower anyone with the condition and those close to them.

Adult Fiction

Title: The Secrets we keep

Author: Shirley Patton

A mother’s secret, a father’s betrayal, a town on edge….Social worker Aimee has arrived in Kalgoorlie for a fresh start.  A story about the love of children and the truth’s unwillingness to stay hidden.

Goodreads:  4/5

July School Holiday hours


Weekdays from the 2nd of July to 13th of July

9.00am to 5.30pm


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Monday 16th of July

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